Wednesday, 4 February 2009

I joined a lifeplan website

I love this site, its helping me get my head around how I am going to plan for my future and what my goals really are.

I took a quick quiz and this is the result:
I took the 43 Things Quiz and found out I'm a
Traveling Organized Extrovert

Seems about right, I am abroad and have travelled a lot in my lifetime, extrovert sure, I have to be to travel and survive alone, but organised, not so sure about that. Im a bit of a procrastinator, but Im working on it.

Friday, 9 January 2009

We've settled - sort of

Well it hasn't been easy for me to settle in an apartment with four dogs and two cats. They are all so used to being outside whenever they feel like it! Of course I cant let the cats out anymore (at all) coz there are streets with cars and no way for them to exit or enter without going up and down stairs inside the block I live in, poor things.

I did take it in my head to have the male cat "done" and it has made one heck of a difference to his personality, he seems to spend an awful lot of time with me and the dogs now whereas before, in the other house with land, he was off and about and doing his cat thing. The female is done already but she is shy so I never see her, she hides under beds and only comes out for food.

I have to now WALK my dogs thrice daily, this is totally new to me. I used to just open the front door and let them out onto the land and they did their stuff then came back. Well, in fair weather or foul, they need to "GO" so I now have to take exercise that I never had to before, thats gotta be good for me no?

I do like living in a new, fresh, clean, warm and bright (light) home, it gives me the incentive to keep it that way. My previous home was like a cold, dark and ancient cave, I couldn't see whether it was dirty or not, so I didnt really care about it. Seems poverty (or lack on money) has given me the boost I needed to start afresh and get my head and body better.

Still working on Internet Marketing, yet with low success levels, but am not giving up. I know that getting a job will be no security, I've been there and lost, so I'm not even bothering to put my energies into that. I love the computer and internet world and have many friends (even those that deemed me worthy of the odd contribution of cash into paypal) and am happy to work alongside these guys who support and believe in me.

My PC is playing up a bit and I have caught him blogging on his own, I have included a link, over there to the right (ITS A PC LIFE) where you can read his point of view of our life adventures. He's a bit cheeky, wants to do stuff on his own, but I must allow him as he needs his freedom.

Back soon with updates on how my life is going, plus that of my animals and other friends.

Watch this puppy again!

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Well I managed to move home

It took some doing, I had a lot of problems, the first being that the house I wanted was withdrawn (beginning to think they are out to get me!)

I then went for another house on the agreement (confirmed on hour before I departed the old house with my belongings) that one months rent in advance was sufficient. When I arrived the van had to go as he had other things to do, but the new landlord had not yet arrived with the keys. We unloaded the van onto the car park and awaited said landlord.

He duly arrived and stated "we have a problem!" He had changed his mind, within the hour, and required a deposit on top of the rent (normal, but we had agreed no deposit) and expected me to magic it up, just like that! It had been difficult enough for me to raise the rent, never mind a deposit!

Consequently I gave him the money I had, as a deposit, in the hope that I could raise the further €420 to pay the rent, he required this before I could move in. And, as all my belongings were on his car park, he agreed to store them in the house until I could find the rent. Of course I could not.

I then found an apartment in a town I used to live in for €350 a month and told the other landlord to stuff it, this was cheaper (although they did want a deposit) and closer to friends who were willing to help me with the dogs etc, when required.

So have moved everything again and am now happily ensconced in my new home, a two bedroom apartment with two bathrooms and a very kind and understanding landlady (she is allowing me to keep my dogs and cats.)

The best news is that my monthly social security check just came through for the first time, so I was able to pay the deposit, insure my car, get the registration documents for it and have my tom cat neutered (essential I think, in an apartment.)

So, alls well that ends well. But I am sick of hick-ups and things going wrong, it causes so much stress. Seems it might be time to try out the new oven (a real one) and bake myself some of those favourites of mine, oatmeal raisin cookies. Funny though, when I went to look up the recipe (I can never remember things like that) I found something to make me laugh, and that's what I need right now, an oatmeal raisin cookies joke, lol, this made my day.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Its taking way too long

Well I mentioned last time that I was going to take the money, but its still not in my hand. How can a transfer from a court take 10 days?

Its driving me crazy, I am almost packed, just my immediately required clothing, toiletries and of course computer and telephone are left. I have even arranged for a man with a van to help me in return for some internet work he needs doing (good deal that, no money involved!)

My dogs are fretting coz they know something is going on, my friend who is helping me is at the end of his tether (good man - he's been so supportive) and Im in constant panic, I cant take any more.

On the up side, a very good blokey in the US, Mel Slabaugh, has agreed to work with me in building my online business, he is funding my sites and teaching me what needs to be done to monetize them effectively - see its not all bad news. There are people who have confidence in me and that helps during bad times.

The stupid thing about this whole situation is that I only need to raise 420€ (roughly 600$) to be able to move out of this place tomorrow and I cant even ask my family or friends, coz I have drained them all dry of funds.

Will be back with an update soon. Keep watching, all will change!

In the meantime, here's a great forum where people support and advise each other in their internet marketing pursuits.

Internet Marketing Forum

Friday, 21 November 2008

Probably take the money and run!

Well, it seems I have reached the end of the road. I have won the case against my ex employer but he deems it unnecessary to honour the decision and pay what is due to me. My solicitor has appealed but has made it clear to me that this could take another 3months and then how long to actually get paid? Another 3 months? It just goes on and on.

The most galling thing is that there is 2,500€ sitting in the courts bank account and I have been advised not to take it because, in the eyes of the court, I am agreeing to that amount as a payout. If I take it my solicitor has refused to continue with the appeal, so I have suffered for 9 months with no income, no benefits and begging off my entire network of friends and family, only to come out with exactly the same as I would have had in the beginning. Thats utter CR_P as far as I am concerned, there is no justice in the world.

I have no choice, I have reached the absolute pit of existence and cannot go on any longer, I am taking the money. Be it as it may, my ex employer has won, I MUST take the money in order to survive now. sht sht sht sht sht - I am NOT happy.

I am now looking at moving out of the house I rent, into something cheaper, newer, warmer, closer to town and easier to upkeep. Releasing that money will allow me to move very soon, I should be in before christmas.

That has been my week, it sucks, but no one said life was gonna be easy eh?

Better get cooking some more Oatmeal raisin cookies as a comforter, I really enjoyed those last week, and my friend (who owns that cooker) is coming to visit in the morning, so thats tomorrow taken care of.

Until next time.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Its the weekend - AGAIN

Cant believe how quickly a week can pass by without me noticing, and here I am its Saturday again. Well today I am going to experiment in the kitchen, with very little ingredients I have to get inventive. No matter how poor one is, one has to eat, and I dont see why I cant pretend to be having a treat, although its made from leftovers and handouts.

Last week I discovered how to make some very delicious oatmeal raisin cookies using a couple of ingredients I had in my cupboard, well Ive still got some of them left so have done a bit more hunting on the net for alternative recipes. Heres what I found today:

Oatmeal raisin cookies made with Quaker oats - thats exactly whats in my cupboard

And, as figs and oranges grow wild here in Spain (free food) I decided to try this recipe Maple Figs with Orange Oats

Aside from "trying" to cook, I will spend the rest of the day on the internet catching up with friends, no work today, have decided to have a day off as I am going brain dead trying to learn all the different techniques to get free traffic and promote my website.

Just thought I would mention that I am finding twitter a fantastic place to keep people updated about my activities, follow the link to the right to follow me.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Oh what a week

Well, its still all up in the air, I cant get the money I am due from the court case, I cant pay my rent and I have had to cancel and refund on an internet project I was involved in so I can pay last months rent. That hasnt helped because the landlord is an ass and still wants me out. I will be consulting a solicitor about my rights tomorrow morning, Im sure he cant evict me for not paying 1 months rent when I have outstanding claims from a court.

This week I have been learning how to post videos on all the different sites out there, including youtube, dailymotion, revver, etc. Every time a post a vid I get friend requests, its amazing how quick that can be.

I also update on twitter on a daily basis and I get and acquire new followers every day. I just didnt know it was possible to make so many friends so quickly, I love the internet, its such an open forum and real opportunity to gain in life, in many ways.

I am now also trying to build a small mlm business here in Spain and am quite enjoying the challenge - looks like Im a mug for challenges, I just need one of them to pay off soon, that will save the day.

Its not like I need much, $1000 a month does everything I need and I find it impossible to get "real" work here that can earn me even close to that much. Its ludicrous when I think back to what I was earning in the UK as a trainer and support person.

Well enough of my tough times, I will keep battling, something has to give and I just pray its before something gives in.

Till next time, heres a video giving away three free videos that can assist newbies with internet marketing - enjoy!