Monday, 1 December 2008

Its taking way too long

Well I mentioned last time that I was going to take the money, but its still not in my hand. How can a transfer from a court take 10 days?

Its driving me crazy, I am almost packed, just my immediately required clothing, toiletries and of course computer and telephone are left. I have even arranged for a man with a van to help me in return for some internet work he needs doing (good deal that, no money involved!)

My dogs are fretting coz they know something is going on, my friend who is helping me is at the end of his tether (good man - he's been so supportive) and Im in constant panic, I cant take any more.

On the up side, a very good blokey in the US, Mel Slabaugh, has agreed to work with me in building my online business, he is funding my sites and teaching me what needs to be done to monetize them effectively - see its not all bad news. There are people who have confidence in me and that helps during bad times.

The stupid thing about this whole situation is that I only need to raise 420€ (roughly 600$) to be able to move out of this place tomorrow and I cant even ask my family or friends, coz I have drained them all dry of funds.

Will be back with an update soon. Keep watching, all will change!

In the meantime, here's a great forum where people support and advise each other in their internet marketing pursuits.

Internet Marketing Forum

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