Sunday, 21 December 2008

Well I managed to move home

It took some doing, I had a lot of problems, the first being that the house I wanted was withdrawn (beginning to think they are out to get me!)

I then went for another house on the agreement (confirmed on hour before I departed the old house with my belongings) that one months rent in advance was sufficient. When I arrived the van had to go as he had other things to do, but the new landlord had not yet arrived with the keys. We unloaded the van onto the car park and awaited said landlord.

He duly arrived and stated "we have a problem!" He had changed his mind, within the hour, and required a deposit on top of the rent (normal, but we had agreed no deposit) and expected me to magic it up, just like that! It had been difficult enough for me to raise the rent, never mind a deposit!

Consequently I gave him the money I had, as a deposit, in the hope that I could raise the further €420 to pay the rent, he required this before I could move in. And, as all my belongings were on his car park, he agreed to store them in the house until I could find the rent. Of course I could not.

I then found an apartment in a town I used to live in for €350 a month and told the other landlord to stuff it, this was cheaper (although they did want a deposit) and closer to friends who were willing to help me with the dogs etc, when required.

So have moved everything again and am now happily ensconced in my new home, a two bedroom apartment with two bathrooms and a very kind and understanding landlady (she is allowing me to keep my dogs and cats.)

The best news is that my monthly social security check just came through for the first time, so I was able to pay the deposit, insure my car, get the registration documents for it and have my tom cat neutered (essential I think, in an apartment.)

So, alls well that ends well. But I am sick of hick-ups and things going wrong, it causes so much stress. Seems it might be time to try out the new oven (a real one) and bake myself some of those favourites of mine, oatmeal raisin cookies. Funny though, when I went to look up the recipe (I can never remember things like that) I found something to make me laugh, and that's what I need right now, an oatmeal raisin cookies joke, lol, this made my day.

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