Friday, 9 January 2009

We've settled - sort of

Well it hasn't been easy for me to settle in an apartment with four dogs and two cats. They are all so used to being outside whenever they feel like it! Of course I cant let the cats out anymore (at all) coz there are streets with cars and no way for them to exit or enter without going up and down stairs inside the block I live in, poor things.

I did take it in my head to have the male cat "done" and it has made one heck of a difference to his personality, he seems to spend an awful lot of time with me and the dogs now whereas before, in the other house with land, he was off and about and doing his cat thing. The female is done already but she is shy so I never see her, she hides under beds and only comes out for food.

I have to now WALK my dogs thrice daily, this is totally new to me. I used to just open the front door and let them out onto the land and they did their stuff then came back. Well, in fair weather or foul, they need to "GO" so I now have to take exercise that I never had to before, thats gotta be good for me no?

I do like living in a new, fresh, clean, warm and bright (light) home, it gives me the incentive to keep it that way. My previous home was like a cold, dark and ancient cave, I couldn't see whether it was dirty or not, so I didnt really care about it. Seems poverty (or lack on money) has given me the boost I needed to start afresh and get my head and body better.

Still working on Internet Marketing, yet with low success levels, but am not giving up. I know that getting a job will be no security, I've been there and lost, so I'm not even bothering to put my energies into that. I love the computer and internet world and have many friends (even those that deemed me worthy of the odd contribution of cash into paypal) and am happy to work alongside these guys who support and believe in me.

My PC is playing up a bit and I have caught him blogging on his own, I have included a link, over there to the right (ITS A PC LIFE) where you can read his point of view of our life adventures. He's a bit cheeky, wants to do stuff on his own, but I must allow him as he needs his freedom.

Back soon with updates on how my life is going, plus that of my animals and other friends.

Watch this puppy again!

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