Wednesday, 4 February 2009

I joined a lifeplan website

I love this site, its helping me get my head around how I am going to plan for my future and what my goals really are.

I took a quick quiz and this is the result:
I took the 43 Things Quiz and found out I'm a
Traveling Organized Extrovert

Seems about right, I am abroad and have travelled a lot in my lifetime, extrovert sure, I have to be to travel and survive alone, but organised, not so sure about that. Im a bit of a procrastinator, but Im working on it.

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Maria Soledad said...

heya, took the quiz, Im an Oganized Spiritual Extrovert.hehehe

Anyway, about your online website, you can just email me when you have cooked up something. Its the same as my mylot username, and its a gmail account;)

Sorry to hear that myLot disabled your pm's and responses..(-_-")