Friday, 21 November 2008

Probably take the money and run!

Well, it seems I have reached the end of the road. I have won the case against my ex employer but he deems it unnecessary to honour the decision and pay what is due to me. My solicitor has appealed but has made it clear to me that this could take another 3months and then how long to actually get paid? Another 3 months? It just goes on and on.

The most galling thing is that there is 2,500€ sitting in the courts bank account and I have been advised not to take it because, in the eyes of the court, I am agreeing to that amount as a payout. If I take it my solicitor has refused to continue with the appeal, so I have suffered for 9 months with no income, no benefits and begging off my entire network of friends and family, only to come out with exactly the same as I would have had in the beginning. Thats utter CR_P as far as I am concerned, there is no justice in the world.

I have no choice, I have reached the absolute pit of existence and cannot go on any longer, I am taking the money. Be it as it may, my ex employer has won, I MUST take the money in order to survive now. sht sht sht sht sht - I am NOT happy.

I am now looking at moving out of the house I rent, into something cheaper, newer, warmer, closer to town and easier to upkeep. Releasing that money will allow me to move very soon, I should be in before christmas.

That has been my week, it sucks, but no one said life was gonna be easy eh?

Better get cooking some more Oatmeal raisin cookies as a comforter, I really enjoyed those last week, and my friend (who owns that cooker) is coming to visit in the morning, so thats tomorrow taken care of.

Until next time.

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