Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Oh what a week

Well, its still all up in the air, I cant get the money I am due from the court case, I cant pay my rent and I have had to cancel and refund on an internet project I was involved in so I can pay last months rent. That hasnt helped because the landlord is an ass and still wants me out. I will be consulting a solicitor about my rights tomorrow morning, Im sure he cant evict me for not paying 1 months rent when I have outstanding claims from a court.

This week I have been learning how to post videos on all the different sites out there, including youtube, dailymotion, revver, etc. Every time a post a vid I get friend requests, its amazing how quick that can be.

I also update on twitter on a daily basis and I get and acquire new followers every day. I just didnt know it was possible to make so many friends so quickly, I love the internet, its such an open forum and real opportunity to gain in life, in many ways.

I am now also trying to build a small mlm business here in Spain and am quite enjoying the challenge - looks like Im a mug for challenges, I just need one of them to pay off soon, that will save the day.

Its not like I need much, $1000 a month does everything I need and I find it impossible to get "real" work here that can earn me even close to that much. Its ludicrous when I think back to what I was earning in the UK as a trainer and support person.

Well enough of my tough times, I will keep battling, something has to give and I just pray its before something gives in.

Till next time, heres a video giving away three free videos that can assist newbies with internet marketing - enjoy!

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