Sunday, 2 November 2008

Im spoiling myself today

As you are all probably aware, Im extremely poor at the moment, so food is very important and the cost even more so.
Whenever I have friends or family visit me from the UK, I have them bring me British products that are difficult to find in Spain and my kitchen cupboard is home to many things I have to invent a use for.
Well, a good friend of mine has loaned me an oven (thats a hot thing that you bake in, lol) and I found these scotts porridge oats in the pantry. My favourite type of cookie (or biscuit) is flapjacks, made with golden syrup (another British product) and oats (oatmeal), so I made a batch of those - but I wanted to experiment so I started looking around the internet and I found the most delicious recipe ever, oatmeal raisin cookies, its obviously an American recipe, but they sure know how to make cookies, so I gave it a go, yum yum. So here I sit with my dogs drooling and my friend joining me in an oatmeal cookie feast.
Today has been a good day.

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