Sunday, 26 October 2008

Another One Bites The Dust

Every time I think I am on to something that will give me a regular (albeit basic) income, close to home and in a field I am experienced, it always turns out to be total pigswill.

Why is it that people cant be honest when you speak with them about something on the phone? They build up your hopes, you go to talk with them face to face and, guess what, they have mislead you. What do they gain by that? Its just a waste of my time and theirs! Did they hope to persuade me that I could, or would, do a job that is either too far away to be realistic (65km each way), in an area of expertise I have no experience, or paying less that the petrol it would cost me to get there? Get real people, we need to survive!!

So its back to the internet to find even more ways of trying to earn a living. My brain is exploding with the amount of information I am trying to absorb as quickly as possible. You see, if I dont get my phone bill paid VERY soon, they are going to cut of my broadband and without that I have no hope in hell of continuing down this path. I am wracking my brain trying to think of a way to raise sufficient to keep them at bay for the moment, until something I have on line goes "pop".

Stupid thing is that I have over $200 in clickbank, but the payments are all from the same customer on the same credit card, so it doesnt qualify for payout. If I could get two more clients to buy a product I am affiliated with, using different "types" of credit card, they would send me a check at the end of this month, and half my problems will be solved.

Looks like my only hope is if that payment I am due from the courts for unfair dismissal, finally pays out and I can pay back all my debts and get myself back on my feet again. Start over and do it right.

Have just started Ed Dales 30 day challenge, it deserves a look, its free and sets out to teach internet marketing to the absolute beginner. So, if my internet doesnt get cut off in the meantime, I will be getting some great lessons from there.

Well, keep working, keep trying and keep winning.

Till next time

Here are two of my dogs, about to start fighting over a bone. Theyve both got one, but they want each others - "the grass is always greener on the other side" eh?

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