Monday, 25 August 2008

What my life is about, right now!

I live in Spain
It's a nice country really, just a bit difficult to get by when the rules are different and the language foreign.
I moved here in the year 2000 and boy have I had some experiences. I hope to be able to entertain you with some of my mishaps and failed attempts to succeed, it has all gone to put me where I am now and make me the person I have become. Added to that I have aged eight years and didn't even notice. I really don't feel "older", when chatting on-line with someone 29 I truly consider myself the same age, until they say something like "yes maam", oh hell does that makes me take stock and realise my age.
So, with this blog I'm going try to give an honest, simple and entertaining account of my eight years here, and updates on how things are going.

So whats happening today?
Well firstly Im hiding from my bank manager, he's calling me to deposit money into my account, which I do not have. Briefly, I have had no income since February, when I was unfairly dismissed by a questionable employer, and am awaiting the court case in order to be compensated for such. The case is Monday 2nd September, (next week) and I just have to hold out till then.

Secondly I am trying to sell my car, that money would mean an instant solution to the problems I am suffering at the moment. Namely the bank, no food, fleas on my dogs and money for next months rent. Oh boy have I sunk low.

Thirdly I continue to pursue an on-line income by writing reviews and articles, and clicking like crazy on PTC sites every day. I just did a quick calculation and currently have 120$ across 40+ sites, but cannot cash out because they all have a minimum payment clause and I haven't reached it on any of them yet. I also dabble in affiliate marketing and have earned 160$, which I cant cash in because its on clickbank and I don't yet meet the criteria for payout.

What about leisure time?
In a nutshell, I dont really have any, I spend from morning till night on the computer, reading everything possible to learn how to earn money. Today I am updating my affiliate marketing skills, and will be placing a couple of adds in a couple of "free" places.

The only leisure time I really get is with my dogs. I currently have four, but am caring for a friends elderly german shepherd, so five live here at the moment. I love to play with them, train them and walk with them, those are my favourite moments of the day. My only problem, of course, is feeding them well, they are on the cheapest dog food I can get at the moment and will manage. Roll on next week, the first things I am going to buy will be a huge sack of the best food I can get for them, and some serious flea control so the poor things stop scratching. One of them even has a flea allergy and is losing all he hair, she looks like an old man going bald (poor baby.) Here is a very short vid of a couple of the dogs at play.

Please keep popping back, I promise there will be more!

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